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Sunday, December 30, 2007

CycleCast for the Turn of the Year - 12/25/07 to 1/9/08

Welcome to my first CycleCast - a look at the "psychic weather" for the coming days..

December 29, 2007 - as we come to the turning of the year it is not surprising the energies reflect the age-old archetype of the winter season: dying in darkness, birthing into light. The year ends with the energy of the Circle, the gift of unity and participation - a gathering together in our spiritual families. We then go through the rebirth of the Coffin - shamanic dying of old patterns allowing for transformation, regeneration, rebirth - a time to honor the passing of the old for its bringing us to our present being. This opens the way to the Siphon of new energy - release and exchange, allowing us to mix our own energies with others, perhaps reaching out to new friends, new groups, new ways of being. Tensions are resolved through the energy of the Jester, the Holy Fool who speaks the truth with wit and humor (Monty Python, anyone?).

The themes expressed in this CycleCast begin with the Moon in Leo of December 25: I Project, expressing self to others, showing creativity, and opening to validation and praise. This evolves into our yearnings for our highest hopes to be fulfilled, surpassing limitations and reaching for inner freedom. The Cycle culminates with the feeling of I Expand, at Moon in Aquarius on January 9, 2008.

As the world yearns for freedom, we gather in Circle to show our solitary selves the through the dying of Ego-Self's separation. The Coffin's tunnel of transformation lets us draw forth the New Year of our highest hopes. It takes a Fool to speak the truth: We must reach beyond our lonely selves to fly home in the stars.

Peace, and Happy New Year my fellow-travelers!

Friday, December 28, 2007


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