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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Post: What Do Animals Teach Us?


Spiritually what do animals teach us?

This is probably the most asked question when I’m talking with my clients about their pets.  I’d like to list some of the most common lessons and experiences our pets and even wild animals can teach us.

Let’s start with wild animals -  Wild animals can help fulfill our longing for the wildness.  They help keep us connected to natural and creation.  They remind us how precious life is because death is only a heart beat away but  a very natural part of life. They show us new frontiers and open up our limits.   They bring us back to the present moment and make us aware of life its self.  They help us see reality and just how complex the animal kingdom is.

Our own pets can teach show us a sense of joy everydayThey help us discover the truth of life is learning how to love, how to accept love and how to give love without expecting anything in return.  They show us the true meaning of relationship and letting go when you need too, yet being there when the times are tough.  They teach us respect, communication and loyalty.   They show us it’s okay if not everyone likes you because you can be your own best friend and playmate.  

There are hundreds of other things animals teach us on individual levels but the main lessons are be in the present moment, love unconditionally, love yourself and find joy and happiness in everything you do. Watching animals, whether they’re at play, hunting their next meal, relaxing in the sun or begging for a pat on the head is a great way to train yourself to stay in the present moment and really feel and enjoy life. There’s no greater joy than feeling the love of a pet.

I'd like to thank my friend, Shirley Scott, for her newsletter which provided this guest post, and for all the work she does to help our animal friends! Here are Shirley's web links:

Shirley Scott

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