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Monday, October 18, 2010

Notable Quote: Relief with Feng Shui

It was so important to me to get this transition right. I had typed up a long list of every single renovation and repair I'd had done on the house, with the name and phone number of the workmen who'd completed it, to hand over to the buyers. I was disclosing everything, even tasks and work I didn't need to, because I was afraid that after I'd moved out, I'd find myself lying in bed awake on rainy nights, waiting for the phone to ring

Just around this time, as luck would have it, I ended up at a business meeting with a feng shui healer and lifestyle guru ... At the end of the meeting, I couldn't keep myself from asking [her] for advice, since she was an expert in the ancient Chinese practice that believes your home and your luck are intertwined: "I think I'm cursed by my home, and I'm getting ready to sell it. What can I do to make sure the house lets go of me? I'm afraid I won't be free of it."

[She] asked me a question or two to understand just what I was talking about, and my whole story came tumbling out in a torrent of words, as it always does. [She] just calmly looked at me across the table and said, "We can take care of this. We can fix this." I almost swooned with relief.

~ Stacy Morrison, Falling Apart in One Piece 

Jan's note: This passage resonates with me, because as a Feng Shui consultant I have seen my client obtain this relief many time with the application of Feng Shui principles! Check my website Geo-Glow Consulting for information about my services. You can also subscribe to my premium blog content for Feng Shui tips, intuitive forecasts, and more!

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