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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sneak Peak at November's Psychic Energy

As the beautiful month of October comes to a close, dear readers, here's a sneak peek at my intuitive forecasts for November and beyond: During this time, we'll refining our self-expression and focusing on the kinds of work and service we can perform. The air is full of potential, with all the new-growth energy of the The Leaf.

As we come home to the time of the Winter Solstice, December 21, inner needs and feelings will hold sway. This can be a very sweet time, fellow-traveler, if you keep your Harp well-tuned!
If this whets your appetite, you'll want to stay tuned for my full-length forecasts, coming soon for the month of November and for the All-Hallows to Winter Solstice period. In order to devote the time required to provide a quality, in-depth intuitive forecast, I feel the need to do this within the mode of energy exchange. Therefore I've made my detailed forecasts, and other premium content in this blog, available on a subscription basis. When you clink on the link to these subscription posts, an overlay will appear giving subscription details and an opportunity to sign up for periods ranging from one to six months, for as low as $3/month. After that, just follow my blog and you'll able to access the complete posts and read all of my forecasts, Feng Shui tips, Jin Shin Jyutsu wisdom, and more. To get started now, just clink this link and fill in the form! 
NOTE to my fellow bloggers: This is an ultra-cool way to monetize your blog! If you'd like to have a subscription service for the premium content your blog, click this link to get started :)

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