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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Survival Tips for Mercury Retrograde

It's no secret, we're 5 days into the first Mercury Retrograde period of 2013. It began on February 23 and will end on March 17 at 2:03 pm Mountain Time. You may be just starting to notice its effects - the energy of communications "going backwards" tends to build as we move through this 3-week period. It   happens three to four times a year.

I had my first noticeable Mercury Retrograde glitch this week, when I an email I'd sent to my veterinarian went to the Help Desk of one of my online stores. I communicate with my vet about managing my cat's diabetes, which is very helpful and leaves me in awe of the amount of patience this woman has. Multiply my ramblings by an anxious cat or dog mom for each of her patients .... Anyway, I'm grateful to the Help Desk lady for letting me know that the email was missent. And given that the two email addresses bear no resemblance whatsoever to each other, how that happened remains a mystery. It's classic Mercury Retrograde.

Since we can't change or stop Mercury Retrograde, the best thing to do is roll with it. Here are some "survival hints" I've gleaned from my previous posts on the subject:

We often dread this time because when the planet of communication goes backwards, our plans get messed up. We should be careful about taking on new ventures, double-check important emails, faxes, etc. and expect some delays, especially towards the end of the cycle. If we can't move forward, let's rest, re-group, and review what's gone before us. 

Here are some useful things to do during Mercury Retrograde: take naps - watch a favorite movie - finish reading a book ~ complete a project ~ clean out clutter ~ get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air in these last days of winter. Think of this time as one of the annual "breaks" the Universe sends us.

For myself, I'm going to advantage of Mercury Retrograde's ability to support us in looking back by getting my 2012 taxes done. I've already taken steps to clear the clutter in my office; now I have room to spread out my tax papers and receipts and get them organized. Woo-hoo, won't the Tax Man be surprised when I file my taxes on time this year!

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