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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here's my "big" accomplishment for the first month of the year ...

This is the sum total of what I've made in the tangible realm during the first month of the 2013:

It's the base layer of a journal page. I wanted to use it for my New Year's treasure map (it will be painted over with meaningful silhouettes masked out - a technique I've seen on Pinterest) but after I constructed the base collage, I got sick and I've stayed sick with that long-lasting cold/flu/whateveah until just a few days ago.

So my New Year has started out with a lot of couch time, with my computer - and that's been rather productive even so. I completed a long-term manuscript rewrite for a client, and I opened a new Zazzle store. But with Zazzle down today I can't really show it to you, so wait for the big announcement.

I've also been dealing with my newly-diagnosed diabetic kitty cat. LuvLee is 13, and I finally scraped together the money at the end of November to get her a thorough checkup. The result: diabetes, and that's why she'd been looking ragged and was pee-soaking the litter box. Even though she still had (and has) plenty of spunk, I was concerned. Long story short, with insulin and quality cat food, she's looking better than ever and is getting as playful at 13 as she was when I got her! But it was a tough road between then and now, and one of these days I'll write up "my" thoughts on what to do for diabetic kitties.

I do like my base layer journal page, a lot. That's why I took the photo before I started painting over it. I'll use the photo a component in future digital art pieces, and I'll be back to show you when the painted overlayer complete. I've been down for the count, but I'm not done yet! More anon.


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