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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Sweetness - new floral design at my P.O.D. sites

The weather in my part of the world got wintery again over the last few days, and being that I'm a fall & winter person I'm quite happy about that. But as much as I grieve a little bit when spring comes along, I am able to recognize signs of spring's beauty when I see them. One of the first is the wild Cranesbill flower (also known as wild geranium) that blooms in my yard. A few weeks ago I snapped this picture when the cranesbill was at its peak:

Pretty, but nothing special - until I zoomed in, cropped it and "painterized" it to make a new design for my Zazzle store. Like this ~


Don't those pink blossoms look gorgeous against that deep, leafy-green background? I'm having fun putting it on Zazzle's array of new products like lunch boxes, trays, and even wrapping paper! Of course it's also available on the usual P.O.D. stuff like posters, mugs, t-shirts, and so on at my Jan4insight* store. Here's a look at the new products I mentioned:




I've added more P.O.D. sites in the past year, and "spring sweetness" is flowering there, too. Check out my all-over floral designs (I particularly like the sweatshirt) at Print All Over Me/Jan4insight. For bigger, bolder home decor I have a spring sweetness rug and shower curtain in my store at Society6/Jan4insight.

In the time I've been writing this tribute to spring flowers, lol, the temperature has dropped enough that I need to go turn up the heat, put on a sweater, cuddle under an afghan and pretend that it's still my favorite season!

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